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SugarBabies Cakes & Cupcakes by Nicole
For "One of a Kind" Birthday Cakes and more in Weston Fl, Plantation Fl, Davie Fl, Sunrise Fl, Ft Lauderdale Fl.
Delivery to Weston Fl, Davie Fl, Plantation Fl and other Dade & Broward Locations

 Custom Fondant Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Pops for Birthday Party, Cocktail Party, Corporate & Business Event, Gift
Cakes for Quince, Sweet Sixteen, Bridal or Baby Shower, Christening, Cinco de Mayo, Anniversary 
Food & Dining> Bakeries> SugarBabies Cakes & Cupcakes by Nicole, Weston, FL 33327

Birthday Gallery
Baby Shower Gallery
Cup Cake Gallery
Christening Gallery
Baby's 1st Birthday
Special Occassion
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Shown in Birthday Gallery

"Under the Sea" Cake with Baby Starfish "Smash Cake"
(a smash cake is made for a baby or young child to "smash"... just for fun!)
Detail: "Little Elmo Cake"
Detail: "Little Lion" Birthday Cake
"Baby Blue Elephant" Birthday Cake
Detail: Fondant Elephant on Striped Cake
Disney "Minnie Mouse" Birthday Cake
Detail: "Party Pony" Hand-Sculpted Sugar-Paste
"Party Pony" 2 Tier Fondant Cake
"Thomas the Train" Birthday Cake with Cupcakes
Sesame Street Theme "Little Elmo" with Cupcakes
The Lion King's "Simba" Birthday Cake with Cupcakes
"Hello Kitty" Centerpiece Cake
"Cars 2" Birthday Cake
"Cat in the Hat" Birthday Cake
"Garbage Truck" Birthday Cake with Cupcakes
"Mario" Centerpiece Cake with Cupcakes
Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat "Fish
"Sarah" sitting atop her Birthday Cake
"Barnyard" 2 Tier Birthday Cake w Farm Animals
Detail: "Sarah's Birthday Cake"
Detail: "Angry Birds" Centerpiece Cake
"Jake and the Never-land Pirates" Cake w Cupcakes
"Jason's Yellow Dump Truck" Birthday Cake
"Jake and the Never-Land Pirates" Cupcakes
"Lego Theme" Birthday Cake with Cupcakes
Ian's "Bat-Man" Birthday Cake
Jared's "Spider-Man" Birthday Cake with Cupcakes
Star War's "Darth Maul" Cake with Cupcakes
"Gotham City's Bat-Man Birthday Cake w Cupcakes
"Cloe's 10 Year Birthday"
Aladdin Theme "Princess Jasmine" Birthday Cake
"21st Birthday Zebra Stripe Cake"
"1950's Theme Rock 'n Role Jukebox Cake"
"Rock 'n Roll Jukebox Cake"
"Family Guy" Birthday Cake
"Disk-Jockey's "Tools of the DJ Trade" Birthday Cake
Mickie Mouse Birthday Cake
Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

SugarBabies Cakes & Cupcakes by Nicole
Serving Weston FL, Davie Fl 
Plantation FL, Sunrise FL
& other Dade and Broward locations.

Shown in Baby & Bridal Gallery

Detail: Hand-Sculpted (Sugar-Paste) Baby Blue Elephant
Detail: Hand-Sculpted Sugar-Paste Teddy Bear
"Pea in the Pod" Baby Shower Cake
"Frog Prince" Centerpiece Cake with Cupcakes
Detail: Hand-Sculpted Sugar-Paste "Frog Prince"
Detail: Hand-Sculpted Sugar-Paste "Rubber Ducky"
"Rubber Ducky" Baby Shower Cake with Cupcakes
"Blue Baby Elephant" 2 Tier Fondant Baby Shower Cake
"Teddy Bear Tea Party" Tipsy-Turvey 2 Tier Cake
​Detail: "Rubber Ducky" 2 Tier Fondant Cake
"Baby Blue Elephant" Baby Shower Cake w Cupcakes
​Detail: "Blue Baby Elephant" Fondant Figurine

​"Rosary Teddy Bear" 2 Tier Christening Cake
"Little Angel" Christening Cake with Cupcakes
Detail: Sugar-Paste Holy Cross
"Teddy Bear" Christening Cake with Cupcakes
Detail: Custom Hand-Sculpted "Little Angel" Figure

​"Lion King's Simba" Birthday Cake with Cupcakes
Detail: Hand-Sculpted "Party Pony" Sugar-Paste Figure
"Pony Party" 2 Tier Fondant Birthday Cake
"Under the Sea" 2 Tier Birthday Cake
with "Baby Starfish Smash Cake"
Sesame Street Theme "Elmo" Birthday Cake
Detail: "Little Lion" Custom Hand-Sculpted Sugar-Paste Figure
Cat in the Hat Theme "Fish" Mini Fondant Cake
Sesame Street Theme "Little Elmo" 2 Tier Fondant Cake

Celebration Centerpiece Cake with Cascading Cupcakes
"Pink, Pink & White" Floral Centerpiece Cake w Cupcakes
"Elegant Black & White Theme" 2 Tier Celebration Cake
"Super-Girly" 2 Tier Fondant Cake
"Pretty in Pink" Fondant Centerpiece Cake"
"Classy Black & White Theme" Mini Fondant Cake
"Sunny Daisy" Centerpiece Cake
"Chocolate Floral" Single Tier Fondant Cake

Shown in Special Occasion Gallery

"Chocolate Floral" Fondant Cake
"Cinco de Mayo" Triple Tier Fondant Cake
"Little Angel" Centerpiece Cake
"Little Angel" Fondant Cake with Cupcakes
"Tres Pink" Floral Fondant Cake
Thanksgiving "Horn of Plenty" Fondant Cake
Valentine's Day on 75th Birthday!
"Black & White Theme" Mini Fondant Cake
"Family Guy" Birthday Cake
(skip over Thanksgiving Cake)
"Rosary Bear" Confirmation/Christening Cake
​"Sunny Daisy Fondant Cake"
​"1950's Rock 'n Roll Theme" 3D Decorated Cake
"Sea-Shell Theme" 2 Tier Fondant Cake
"Pink, Pink and Pink" Floral 2 Tier Fondant Cake
"Mice in the Pumpkin" Halloween Cake
"Sophistical Black & White Theme" 2 Tier Fondant Cake
Hand-Sculpted Sugar Paste "Sea-Shells"
"New Year's Eve 80th Birthday Celebration" Fondant Cake
"Pretty in Pink" Floral Fondant Cake
"Shooting Stars" Celebration Cake
"Easter Bunny" Easter Holiday Fondant Cake
"Festive Penguin Cake"
"Softly Blue" Mini Fondant Cake
"Aiden's Halloween Cake"
"Delicate Orchid Celebration Cake"
"Floral Burst" Genuine Flower Decoration

SugarBabies Cakes & Cupcakes by Nicole
Serving Weston Fl, Davie Fl 
Plantation Fl, Sunrise Fl
and other Dade/Broward Locations
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